Vision Statement

Vision Statement:  "Our Pathway to the Future"
Adopted by City Council on February 12, 2013

We, the citizens of Westworth Village, Texas – The Hidden Jewel of the Metroplex – will:

Provide the resources necessary to ensure:

•  Our neighborhoods and commercial areas are safe;
•  The services provided by the City meet or exceed our expectations;
•  The program of replacing the City’s basic infrastructure is completed and thereafter its
    infrastructure is maintained to a high standard;
•  The City sustains its success in attracting, motivating, and retaining a talented, capable,
    responsible, and responsive professional staff.


Maintain the financial integrity of the City by ensuring that it sustains a sound revenue base and that expenditures remain balanced with City revenues.

Retain the geographic integrity of our residential neighborhoods while promoting and sustaining attractive and successful commercial development along Highway 183 west of Kings Branch Creek. 

Encourage investment and owner occupancy in our single-family neighborhoods.

Actively support the teachers, staff, and students at Burton Hill Elementary School and work constructively with the Fort Worth Independent School District to continually improve the performance of students at Stripling Middle School and Arlington Heights High School.

Cooperate with, assist, and support, the leaders of the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base to assist them in successfully fulfilling their mission.

Encourage community involvement and provide City supported and encouraged community activities and facilities that adapt to changes in the City’s demographic profile.

Take pride in and promote our City.


To print, click HERE for the PDF version of this statement. 

Click HERE for a PDF version of the Vision Presentation approved by Council (updated with current data).