News - Officer Esparza Family Tragedy

From the Desk of Mayor Jones:

July 1, 2019

Fellow Citizens:

This is one of those times when I know the fine citizens of Westworth Village will demonstrate why we all so dearly love this community.

It is with heavy heart that I inform you that the city’s newest police officer, Mark Esparza, unexpectedly lost his beloved wife Cecilia Saturday night. Officer Esparza returned home after his shift to Cecilia and his two children (ages six and 13), and noticed Cecilia having difficulty breathing. He and the family headed for the emergency room, but on the way Cecilia’s condition worsened. Officer Esparza called 911, and an ambulance met them on the side of the road, where Officer Esparza was administering aid. She disappointingly passed away early Sunday morning.

Officer Esparza has only been with Westworth Village approximately 45 days, and has not yet accumulated much in the way of financial benefits. He needs our help.

By law there are limitations on what our city government can do. However, there is no limit on what our citizens can do to assist one of our own.

There are two alternatives by which you can financially contribute to Officer Esparza and his family. You can deliver to city hall a check payable to “Mark Esparza,” and the city will immediately deliver the funds to Officer Esparza. Alternatively, you can deposit money directly into his Navy Federal Credit Union, at the Westworth Village branch lobby, or use the GoFundMe page set up for the family’s assistance:   

Mayors Mike Coleman and Tony Yeager, your entire city council, and I have all made significant contributions to Officer Esparza and his family. Please join us in assisting this fine young man in need.

I’m going to also make you aware of Councilmember Tiffany Aller’s situation. Approximately 75 days ago, Tiffany was struck by an yet-undiagnosed condition, leaving her primarily bedridden. A single mother, Ms.Aller is unable to work, and her finances are significantly depleted. Despite numerous doctors, and numerous medication adjustments, the condition  remains undiagnosed, precluding disability assistance. Please also consider financial assistance to Ms. Aller at her GoFundMe page:

I know and love the people who live in this wonderful town, and I know how you will respond. On behalf of Officer Esparza and his family, and Councilmember Aller, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

                                                                             L. Kelly Jones, mayor