News - COVID-19

Fellow Citizens:

It is not an exaggeration to state all governmental authorities throughout the world are struggling to find the best answers for their citizens as we react to the phenomenon that is COVID-19/the Coronavirus. Things are no differently here in Westworth Village.

First, please let me reassure you that we are VERY carefully monitoring events as they relate to you in our wonderful town.

We are continuously monitoring updates from federal, state, and county health authorities, on the outlook for concrete information and health recommendations. At this time, we are fortunate to be a largely residential community, with no large gatherings or community events. We have no city or council meetings scheduled until the first week of April.

Most importantly, Chief Reaves assures me our police department remains engaged, prepared, and ready and able to respond to any emergency which might arise. Our police department will undoubtedly continue its outstanding level of service to our community.

This is most certainly a time for self awareness. If you are out and about, be alert, and be on your guard. We are extremely fortunate to this point there are only a few isolated Coronavirus contaminations in Tarrant County.

Naturally, of course, this is a very fluid situation, and we will be quick to both respond and act proactively if events materially change.

As always, please call upon me if I can be of service.

--Mayor Kelly Jones


Please visit the CDC website for the most up-to-date information and reccomendations.