Permits and Building Inspections

311 Burton Hill Road Westworth Village, Texas 76114

Phone: 817-710-2505

Fax: 817-710-2501

Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Permit Technician: Melanie Whitley, 817-710-2505

Building Official: Nader Jeri, 817-710-2518

2012 IBC (International Building Code)    2012 IRC (International Residential Code)
2015 IECC (International Energy Conservation Codes)    2012 IPC (International Plumbing Code)
2012 IMC (International Mechanical Code)    2011 NEC (National Electrical Code)
2012 IFC (International Fire Code)    2012 ADA (Texas Accessibility Standards)
2012 NFPA 54 (National Fuel Gas Code)    2012 Regional Codes (North Central Texas Council Gov)


Attention New Residential Home Construction:  On February 14, 2017, the City Council of the City of Westworth Village, Texas voted to construct (concrete pavement) of certain unimproved alleyways that serve properties within the City and Owner agrees to pay the City for its proportionate share of the cost to construct the alleyway upon application and issuance of an affected lot's building permit. Owner’s proportionate share shall be calculated by dividing the total cost of the alleyway construction by the total number of affected lots to achieve an average cost per lot. The amount charged prior to completion and actual determination of the construction costs will not exceed $5,000 per lot. (Contact City Permit Clerk for affected lots.)



  1. All contractors must be registered with the City prior to engaging in any construction project.
  2. Complete FORM A of the building packet
  3. Submit it with required supporting documents (identification and proof of insurance):
    1. In person at the Permits Office, 311 Burton Hill Road Westworth Village, TX
    2. Via email:
    3. Fax:  817-710-2501
  4. Upon completion, you will be granted access to the online building permit system to:
    1. Purchase an electrical, plumbing, or mechanical permit with a MasterCard, VISA, or Discovery credit card. 
    2. Search for information on a specific permit.
    3. View/schedule inspections for a permit.




  1. Request an inspection via email to:
  2. Request an inspection via phone: 817-710-2518


Payment, if required, must be paid in full either in person or via our online site: (Note: You must be registered with the permits department before you can use the online payment center.)



Building Packet Applications* (forms are provided in a packet, however, they can be duplicated or submitted independently):

FORM  Building Packet
A  Contractor Registration Form
B  Building Permit
C  Trade Building Permit Application (Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Irrigation)
D  Demolition/ House Moving Permit Application
E  Tree Permit Application
F/4  Site Plan and Land Use Application
F/4  Site Plan Checklist
G/5  Site Development Application
H/3  Request of Specific Use Permit
I  Residential Code Compliance Certificate
J  Swimming Pool Permit Application
K  Street and Sidewalk Opening Permit
L  Food Establishment Grease Trap/Interceptor Discharge Permit Application
M  Residential Fencing Permit
N  Sign Permit Application
O  Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Application
O  Certificate of Occupancy Checklist


*SWPPP Information:

The TPDES Construction General Permit regulates construction activities that disturb one or more acres of land. Less than one acre also is included if the activity is part of a larger common plan of development or sale that will meet or exceed the one acre threshold. Click HERE for more information.

Zoning Packet Applications (forms are provided in a packet, however they can be duplicated or submitted independently):

FORM  Zoning Packet
1  Zoning Application
2  Plat Application
2  Plat Checklist
H/3  Request of Specific Use Permit
F/4  Site Plan and Land Use Application
F/4  Site Plan Checklist
G/5  Site Development Application
6  Application Request for Variance or Appeal to the Zoning Board of Adjustment


Independent Applications:

      Alarm Permit Application
   Alcoholic Beverage Permit Application (return to City Secretary)
   Backflow Prevention Assembly Test & Maintenance Report
   Solicitation Distribution Permit Application
   Special Events & Parade Permit Application
   Waste Hauler Permit Application