Code of Ordinances

The City Council has the authority to enact new and update old ordinances as community needs and statutes change.  The City will advertise and notify residents of such considerations, as required by law.  Franklin Legal, our code publishing company, will make the online information available on a quarterly basis.  Before starting any residential or commercial project, please contact the City for the most current and accurate information applicable to your situation.

Click HERE for the City of Westworth Village's Code of Ordinances. This online link is current through Ordinance No. 424, adopted on December 12, 2017.  Ordinances adopted after the online link is updated will be published here until the next update.


Ordinance 426 - Amending The Comprehensive Plan, The Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, And The Zoning Map Of The City Of Westworth Village, Texas, And Rezoning A 2.83 Acre Tract Of Property From Sf-R Single Family Residential To Pd-9 (Single Family Residential With Planned Development Overlay) Zoning

Ordinance 427 - Amending Chapter 8, Article 8.07 Of The Westworth Village Code Of Ordinances, Amending And Reenacting The City's Sex Offender Residency Restrictions To Ensure Consistency With Newly Enacted And Effective Section 341.906 Of The Texas Local Government Code

Please contact the City code enforcement office at 817-710-2518 for updated ordinance information.